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The History: Originally used and known since the 1980's for its success in treating kidney stones, the science of Shockwave Therapy now known as Radial Pressure Wave (RPW) Therapy has been developed and approved by the FDA and Board of Orthopedics as a proven, successful, non-invasive method to enhance the healing process by stimulating blood supply and cell growth in the damaged area, leading to the regeneration of healthy tissue and bone, and the reduction of muscle pain and aches without surgery or medication. RPW therapy has been shown to safely and significantly reduce tendon pain and improve functionality and quality of life without surgery or medication. It is non-invasive, has no known adverse side effects, and has little to no down time following treatments.

   The Restoration of Function: During RPW therapy, shock waves are produced by a projectile that is moved by compressed air within an applicator. When the projectile hits a plate inside the applicator, it creates a non-invasive, pulsed pressurized high frequency acoustic wave that spreads through the area treated by a clinician via water based gel applied to the treatment area. Results are often experienced after the first visit, with typical treatment protocols involving 6 sessions, through 5-10 minute applications that are performed 1 x week, for 6 weeks in succession. More severe injuries or larger regions may require an additional applications.

Why should you consider RPW therapy? 

RPW therapy has been shown to help improve pain in various musculoskeletal conditions including:

TFL syndrome & Glute tendonitis (hip pain)
Rotator Cuff (shoulder) tendonitis                                                                                                                                                                            Adhesive Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder Syndrome)
Epicondylitis (elbow pain)
Patellar Tendonitis  &  IT Band Syndrome
Achilles tendon pain
Plantar fasciitis
Myofascial trigger points
Disorder of tendon insertion

Improve the healing speed of stress fractures, break down fibrous adhesions, and tamp down inflammation and pain often associated with adhesive conditions, shoulder impingements, chronic tendonitis and tendinosis, calcific formations, fascia injuries, chronic tension, headaches due to soft tissue entrapments and tension, arthroplasty recovery, and so many more soft tissue conditions!

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What is Infrared Therapy?

Infrared is the band of light we cannot see, but can feel in the form of heat. Infrared Saunas use a special carbon infrared heater that causes your body to naturally heat up, on a cellular level, from the inside out, rather than from the air in between. Since they penetrate the body through conversion, there is a deep heating effect in both the muscle tissues and internal organs without putting too much burden on the heart. The results of an infrared sauna are produced at lower temperatures than a conventional sauna and are often better tolerated by people who can’t withstand the very high heats of traditional "dry saunas" or steam rooms.   They are safe, effective and widely applicable for healing and detoxification.

 Health benefits may include, but are not limited to:

* reduction of chronic muscle pain and inflammation

* decrease joint pain and arthritis discomfort

* reduce stress and fatigue, improve sleep

* relaxes muscle spasms and stiffness, increases blood circulation

* cardiovascular conditioning

* clarify skin conditions such as rashes and acne, and enhancing skin tone

* reduction of cellulite

* removes toxins and mineral waste

These possible therapeutic benefits of FAR Infrared are based on research completed over the last 40 years from all around the world. However, they should not be implied or inferred as a cure for any disease. Persons with surgical implants typically do not experience any adverse effects, but should also consult their medical physician before using the sauna room. 

Our Infrared Sauna Sessions are a great add-on therapy for any of our current chiropractic, massage and acupuncture patients. Simply bring a pair of shorts and tank top, and get ready to relax! We will provide you with hand towels to sit on and wipe down with after your sessions. If you think you'd like a larger towel, just bring your favorite beach towel.  Although our Sauna is large enough for two, to allow for greater comfort, we allocate its time to individual use. With a glass door front, you can comfortably put your body and mind at ease. 

ASC FAR Infrared Sauna:  25 minute Sessions: $20 

RPW & Infrared Therapy in San Diego

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