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   ScoliBalance- Bringing balance back to the spine: 

ScoliBalance is a physiotherapeutic scoliosis specific exercise (PSSE) program used to treat scoliosis and kyphosis in children, adolescents and adults from the creators of ScoliCare. 

The program combines the most relevant practices and principles in physical therapy, chiropractic and exercise rehabilitation for a 3D approach to managing scoliosis, tailored to each individual patient according to their personal curve type, symptoms and treatment goals.

The ScoliBalance concept was created by Dr. Jeb McAviney (Chiropractor) drawing on his clinical experience treating scoliosis using a combination of Chiropractic Biophysics, SEAS^ and Schroth* (BSPTS) techniques.

ScoliBalance builds on the foundation of other PSSE programs focusing on aspects that are most effective and achievable for patients to learn and implement. The program is delivered in accordance with the SOSORT** guidelines (1), by trained and certified practitioners.

Your ScoliBalance Journey begins with an in depth 1 Hour examination of your spinal mobility, function, and Xray images allowing the practitioner to create a custom made protocol of physiotherapy to be followed in 1 hour weekly sessions for the next 6 weeks. After that, provided all goals have been met so far, the patient begins to decrease frequency of in person sessions while continuing to build upon their home therapy routine. 

These sessions can be performed independently from or along with ScoliBrace Care. They also may utilize specialized traction tables, ScoliRolls, and exercise equipment that may be used during your in-office session, and may be recommended for for proper performance and completion of your home ScoliBalance postural corrections and exercises. 

To schedule your first ScoliBalance session, or to schedule a general ScoliCare Consultation to help determine the best course of care for you,  please call us at (858) 876-2171 today.