ScoliBraces are an innovative new form of "over-corrective brace";  a 3D, truly custom made brace that can be comfortably worn to assist juveniles, adolescents, and adult scoliosis cases! ​​​​​​​​San Diego Scoliosis Care & ScoliBrace Treatment

*Effective Scoliosis care starts with early diagnosis. Scoliosis is a sideways and spiral curveature of the spine. Unfortunately, it is often misdiagnosed as "poor posture" or overlooked as an unimportant cosmetic issue that patients are ineffectively told to wait, watch, and "see what happens".  At Action Sports Chiropractic, we don't believe this is acceptable, ever. Why wait until levels of pain and deformity are so bad that surgery is the only option? We are committed to helping you and your family navigate through the confusion and discomfort that often arises with developing spinal curvatures. 

* If you or a loved one has Scoliosis, there is Hope.  Since 2017, Dr. Hackett has been proud to be a part of the growing organization of Austrailian Based ScoliCare providers, bringing new, non-surgical Scoliosis & Kyphosis treatment approaches to the United States.  Currently, we are the only ScoliCare Certified ScoliBrace and ScoliBalance provider in all of San Diego County.

* Improvement IS possible! Research has shown that early identification followed by proactive, appropriate treatments such as chiropractic care, specialized exercises, and the appropriate use of specialized bracing such as ScoliBrace and KyphoBrace can help not only to slow the progression of spinal rotation and curvature, but can help to reduce some curvatures, and decrease the chronic pain and spinal deformity that can follow if left untreated.

  The Future of bracing: 

ScoliBrace is an innovative new form of a 3D, truly custom made brace that can be comfortably worn to assist juveniles, adolescents, and adult scoliosis cases!  The ScoliBrace approach is unique as it uses an over-corrective, asymmetrical design that harnesses spinal coupling, not 3 point pressure, for optimal results. 

How is ScoliBrace a custom brace?Each ScoliBrace is custom designed and made for the patient with the latest in 3D scanning technology and computer aided design and manufacture (CAD CAM), using a specific design algorithm and a patient centered approach to brace treatment. ScoliBrace has become the pre-eminent bracing system worldwide helping thousands of patients living with scoliosis. 

How can ScoliBrace Help? ScoliBrace can be used as part of a complete approach to care for patients with Scoliosis & HyperKyphosis. The brace’s over-corrective approach creates a better position of the three-dimensional posture of the body. In this position, the brace then works to retrain the neurological connection between the brain, joints and muscles to control the body posture so that the body adapts to a ‘new normal’, ideally a straighter position of the spine. As ScoliBrace is designed to allow for this retraining, it can be used in cases outside of the traditional recommendation of adolescents during the rapid growth spurt, including infant, juvenile, adolescent and adult cases.

For adults, this includes degenerative scoliosis for the treatment of cosmetic issues related to the scoliosis, and pain and/or reduction in function and performance of activities of daily living.   

Click any of the Links above to learn more about ScoliBrace and the research behind it. Find out if its the right option of care for you!

Did You Know? 

* Many people believe scoliosis is a condition which affects only teenage girls. This is simply not true. Scoliosis, in fact, affects much more than the widely reported 2-4% of the adolescent population. Significant proportions of infants and juvenile children are affected and an estimated 38% of adults aged between 40 and 90 years* 

* Scoliosis can develop at any time in your life, and can present in various forms. Both men and women can develop degenerative type scoliosis even when pain is not present, and even if scoliosis was never found or acknowledged previously in life.

* There is often a family history of Scoliosis. However, an observed historical trend of diagnosing Scoliosis here in the U.S often has been to wait until the curve is greater than 25 degrees, thus never making it's significance known to families until surgical intervention is needed. 

* Curves less than 25 are STILL a deviation from normal, and CAN BE TREATED. Early detection and treatment has been shown to have greater success and long term results. 

If only the warning signs of Scoliosis were this simple. We're here to help.

  Have you noticed a change in a family members posture?
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