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Scoliosis Care at Action Sports Chiropractic

Whether your the parent of a young child just starting to show signs of Scoliosis, an adolescent hoping to avoid surgery, or an adult hoping to slow the degenerative changes and painful effects of Kyphosis and Scoliosis, we're here to help. 

Every Scoliosis Care journey begins with an in depth orthopedic and functional examination of your spine, and your most recent Xray images. If you haven't had them yet, we're happy to refer you out in order to have them ready for review at your first visit.  If you'd rather wait, that's fine, but be aware that your provider will be unable to complete your full assessment and care recommendations until your images are received and reviewed. Depending on your examination, degree of curvature, symptoms, and goals, we will determine weather ScoliBrace, ScoliBalance, Chiropractic care, or a combination of several therapies are indicated as the best choice of treatment for you.

            * If you're already seeing a Chiropractor, there is no need to stop! We highly encourage you to continue your care with them, and welcome the opportunity to co-manage the health of your spine.

            * If you're coming from out of state or are not currently located in Southern California, be sure to let us know, as there may be certain appointments where TeleHealth Video Appointments may be an option for you.   

            * We know that Scoliosis Care is an investment. But, an investment in your spine literally affects the path of your lifetime. 

             * If you're ready to move forward and you're looking for a brace that actually works to improve your curve, decrease your pain, and not make your muscles weaker, ScoliBrace is the ONLY brace you should consider. There simply are no comparisons. That's being said as a provider, and happy parent of a ScoliBrace patient success story. 

             * To learn more about ScoliBrace, please visit our sister site: