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For your first visit, if you are unable to fill in our New Patient Intake forms in advance, please plan on arriving a minimum of 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time in order to fill out the necessary office paperwork without cutting into the time reserved for your care.  This will provide us with some of the necessary general information regarding you and your health history, current complaints, and allows enough opportunity for you to fill in any documents required by your particular insurance provider, if you will be using one.(We will email you the necessary forms. ) Please wear appropriate clothing so that the Doctor can easily access the area of your complaint. (Ex: Shorts for hip, knee problems; Tank top for shoulder, ladies, please wear a regular bra, as sports bras make care for upper back and neck care difficult to access)  

Initial  Examination

We will first ask you a series of detailed questions to learn the history of your injury or complaint. This also allows us to determine the best diagnostic examinations to proceed with for your case. The examination will consist of a basic physical examination of height, weight and blood pressure, as well as a progression of Neurological, Functional and Orthopedic tests. Further diagnostic testing such as X-rays, MRI’s, Nerve Conduction Test, blood tests, etc. may be indicated depending on the results of the examinations, and the information collected. These tests are not completed at our office. However, together, these procedures help us to determine the nature and severity of your condition, as well as the best course of treatment for your case. 

So, Which Start of Care Best Meets Your Needs? 

Traditional Chiropractic Care New Patient Exam: Full Orthopedic Examination and Same Day Initial Treatment followed by modalities, if indicated by practitioner. Best for patients with single complaints, or desiring to add Chiropractic as a part of their Wellness Care . 

30 minutes reserved with Chiropractor, Approximately 40 minutes total appointment time.  $95.00  

Performance Chiropractic Care New Patient Exam: Includes Full Examination, Same Day Initial Treatment with extended time for functional soft tissue modalities and physiotherapies. Also ideal for patients with multiple regions of complaint, or whom simply want more time to speak with Dr. Hackett about their concerns and goals. 

60 minutes reserved with Chiropractor, Approximately 60-75 minutes total appointment time. $185.00  


2023 Scheduling Notice:  We are currently treating at a maximum chiropractic patient capacity. Therefore, in order to continue our ability to accommodate current patients,  we are accepting a limited number of New Chiropractic Patients on a Wait List Status ONLY.  

We ARE still accepting new ScoliCare patients, due to the difference in scheduling demands. 


After all diagnostic work has been completed and your goals have been determined, you'll receive a recommended therapy protocol, and generally, we begin treatment your first day.  The length of time spend with us on your first visit will be dependent upon your history, examination findings and indications, and your personal choice in the approach to your care. For those seeking care for singular, isolated issues and injuries, our "Traditional Care" sessions provide a focused, time efficient and effective option which primarily utilizes the amazing core benefits of chiropractic adjustments.

Or, like many of our patients, you may choose to schedule one of our extended length or  "Performance Care"  sessions. These longer sessions allow us to address multiple regions of concern on the first visit, or more complex, chronic issues. This option also provides us the opportunity to treat with a more comprehensive approach, or to focus on athletic injury rehabilitation and successful return to performance through approaches such as the SFMA, ART, GuaSha, DNS patterns and more. Your can learn more about the differences between these choices of care in detail on our "Chiropractic Care Options"page.  

Since we focus on an active approach to your Health Care, we may also provide you with instructions for your Home Care. This may include education and training regarding proper use of heat or ice, ergonomics and body mechanics, activities for modification, exercise, stretches or other information, such as nutritional recommendations, that will help you reach your goals faster and more efficiently. 

Follow up Visits

Recovery /Corrective Phase: 

The frequency of your follow up visits will be determined by the severity of your condition, as well as your own progression of recovery, which we monitor with each visit and adapt as indicated. Although each individual can differ, it is highly recommended to schedule your very first follow up visit within a week of your initial patient examination. This gives Dr. Hackett the clearest view of your response to treatment, and gives your body optimal time between sessions to reach improvement. It's important to understand that the more consistent you are with your care, the faster your body is able to adapt to the changes asked of it through chiropractic adjustments and other therapies utilized.  Follow up visits are also an opportunity for you to ask the questions regarding your condition, exam findings and/or your treatment and therapy details that you may develop after your initial visit.  Generally,  Corrective type care consists of appointments 1-2 times per week, with a length of time dependent upon your condition and goals. 

Wellness / Maintenance  Phase: 

Once initial complaints resolve, most patients choose to continue with Traditional Wellness Care Visits every 3-6 weeks for general "tune ups" and maintenance of health. Regular Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Massage care helps to release interference on the nervous system, and restore proper biomechanical motion so that your body can perform at its best. Routine care also helps to prevent any new imbalances that may arise due to your daily activities or athletic involvement from turning into complex issues. These sessions can often be short, affordable, and easily fit into your busy schedule.

Every step of the process is your choice. Our practitioners will make recommendations, but how far you take  your health, is up to you. Try us out. We know you'll discover the benefits of following such a recommendation to be just as beneficial as we have. If  you're interested in making holistic care a part of your lifestyle, ask us about discounted care plans and packages available to you at any time.

Your Initial Visit​

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Points to Remember When Planning Your Care:

*Pain and discomfort should never be "just a part of life".

 *The longer you wait, sometimes it may heal, but often your simply allowing more time for your condition to become worse, and more difficult to improve. Pain is always the last symptom to arrive in an 'issue'- it's just generally louder and more annoying than the earlier ones.

 *The sooner you listen to your body and seek therapy, the sooner you can return to enjoying the activities you love. There is help, and we're here, ready to do our best at providing it. 

What To Expect as a New Patient

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