Dr. Hackett is a board-certified Chiropractor whom has been serving the community of San Diego since 2002. After obtaining her BS in Kinesiology (Human Movement) and Sports Science from Sacred Heart University in 2001, she decided to make San Diego her home, serving the community as a Certified Athletic Trainer and NSCA Strength and Conditioning Specialist at UCSD, St. Augustine High School, and HealthSouth Physical Therapy. In 2007 she recieved her doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine from Southern California University of Health Sciences. After practicing her first 6 years in Del Mar, she moved to the Sorrento Mesa region where, after initially working within the TRC Gymnastics center, she has since expanded and opened the doors of Action Sports Chiropractic & Family Wellness at its current location.

Dr. Hackett has had extensive sports medicine experience providing services in the capacity of on-field injury management, post-operative rehabilitation, local event medical staff coverage, and traveling with teams as they compete across the United States. She is a specialist in sports injury rehabilitation with a focus on an active, integrated approach to care, emphasising the importance of achieving muscular skeletal balance and functional foundation movement patterns with every patient, regardless of age or athletic status. Dr. Hackett strives to not only address the evident pain, but also to identify, improve, and educate patients and their coaches about the hidden contributing factors and imbalances that can prolong discomfort, prevent freedom of movement, and impair ideal athletic performance. She utilizes a variety of Chiropractic techniques including Diversified, Pre-natal care Webster Techniques, SOT, Activator, Electrical Muscle Stimulation & Ultrasound, and has continued to diversify her skills through coursework including programs such as  Functional Movement Screenings (FMS) and therapeutic interventions such as Active Release Techniques, Kinesiology taping, Guasha, TRX, and pilates. 

She continues to serve as a sports medicine healthcare provider for events held throughout Southern California, having served at events like the US Open Surf Cup, Clash at Clairmont, Rock and Roll Marathon, the annual EMW San Diego Jam by the Sea Lacrosse Tournament, and more. 

Action Sports Chiropractic & Family Wellness

Dr. Katrina Hackett, DC, ATC, CSCS
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Meet the Team Members at ASC

Vicki Sanders,  Office Coordinator & Administrator

Vicki joined us in July 2018 and does an amazing job at keeping our office flowing! When calling our office, she is generally the first voice you will hear. Vicki joins us as our much needed new Office Coordinator and Administrator! She joins us with her amazingly diverse set of skills and experiences, to keep our office running smoothly. In the front office, she will be available to assist you in scheduling appointments, making payments, billing support, and helping to keep you informed about new products and events at ASC. With a background in medical patient care, she is also assisting Dr. Hackett with general patient set up and care. 

Jill Reimer, Certified Massage Therapist

Jill Reimer joints ASC as an independent contractor providing her truly talented gifts as a massage therapist. She specializes in Orthopedic Massage and Pain Management, with personalized treatment plans that truly help each patient reach their individual goals for care.  Learn more about Jill and request an appointment by visiting her website at  https://jillreimer.amtamembers.com/

Availability: Monday- Fridays, by appointment only. 

Elisa Kreth, Licensed Acupuncturist    

Elisa M. Kreth, M.S., L.Ac., is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Clinical Herbalist with her Master's of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is a Licensee in the state of California as well as a Diplomat of Oriental Medicine recognized by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). She received her Bachelor of Science in Applied Arts and Sciences, Kinesiology with Emphasis in Health Fitness and Nutrition from SDSU in 2000 and then her Masters from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 2005. She has a Certificate of Completion from the Chengdu University of TCM, Chengdu China, with over 100 clinical hours. 

Elisa has had a private Acupuncture practice in San Diego since 2005. Beginning her career at San Diego Chiropractic and Sports Injury Clinic, she expanded in 2011 to serve the Del Mar area for 8 years at Del Mar Chiropractic Sports Group. Currently, she has two office locations. Ageless & Beautiful Medical Spa and Action Sports Chiropractic & Family Wellness. She is passionate about her field and is dedicated to the philosophies that it holds as well as to helping others achieve the most optimum state of health. She uses several treatment methods including electro-stimulation, hot and cold therapy, cupping, moxa, herbal medicine and massage therapy.

Elisa will be available at ASC starting September 17, 2019! To schedule or learn more about her services, visit her personal website at Bellaomacupuncture.com or call her at (619) 840-1875

   Dr. Katrina Hackett, DC

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Dr. Katrina Hackett, DC - Owner, Chiropractor

We are here to keep you active and moving! When soft tissues such as muscles, tendons and ligaments are injured, the body often responds by forming scar tissue. Even if you haven't experienced traumatic injury, repetitive stress and chronic tension or tightness can lead to scar tissue. This can restrict joint motion and lead to painful compression of surrounding nerves and blood vessels. Our care incorporates treating the entire body; not just the spine, but extremity joints, muscles, nerves, fascia and other soft tissue structures. Call today to get started on improving your condition today!