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​Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine


Traditional Chinese Medicine is a holistic health system which uses and combines the use of acupuncture, specialized soft tissue point work, herbal medicine, nutrition and other ways to bring the body into balance, restore and maintain your well being. As a complete medical system, TCM has been practiced for more than five thousand years.

Traditional Chinese Medicine works by restoring and maintaining balance and harmony in your body. Everything in your body is interconnected: mind, body, spirit all have a flow on affect to each other. At the heart of TCM is the principle that the root cause of illnesses, not their symptoms, must be treated.

Chinese medicine views the body a composed of four basic elements: 
Qi (pronounced Chi meaning vital energy)
Nervous system
Organ systems

If all four of these areas of substance/function are working well, you will be healthy. If there is an imbalance or blood flow problem in any of these areas, symptoms of dysfunction can arise and a disease process starts.

Everything the body needs to repair and grow is in the blood: vitamins, amino acids, minerals, neurotransmitters, co-factors, precursors, immune cells, botanic fortifiers. All o
f these are contained in the blood, arteries, arterioles and capillaries. It is all about the health of the cardiovascular system, and treatment occurs win the vascular system. The number one cause of pain and disease are problems of blood flow and delivery of oxygen to the cells. In Chinese medicine we diagnose from symptoms to treat the root of the problem to achieve relief, stability and long-range improved health.

Acupuncture corrects and improves the flow of blood and oxygen to the diseased or injured area, and the body heals itself. Acupuncture is the only known method which is able to
stimulate blood to flow to where you direct it, namely to injured, undernourished or diseased areas to correct, relieve and ultimately achieve health, vitality and longevity.

Traditional Sports Acupuncture is the specialized application of that practice to fixing and preventing sports-related injuries.

However, modern Sports Acupuncture incorporates many more techniques than just Acupuncture needles. These include techniques such as:

TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation)                         GuaSha
Fire-Cupping                                Moxibustion (Moxa)                          Tui Na
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the set of philosophies Acupuncturists use to select which points to needle, and how to needle it. It’s an ancient system of diagnosis and prescription that is being built up and supported by modern research and science. 

TCM Acupuncture philosophies map the body with “energy meridians” that connect muscles, tendons and ligaments. Sports Acupuncturists treat areas on these meridians as well as the specific injured area to get better results and help you get pain-free sooner, and back  on the field of life faster!

New Patient Acupuncture Exam and Treatment: $119.00
1 hour, includes full system examination and acupuncture treatment

Follow Up Sessions: 

Traditional Care Session: $74.00 
30 minutes acupuncture treatment, geared toward singular system/injury care, using therapy points on one side of the body. 

Performance Care Session: $89.00
45 minutes acupuncture treatment. A more encompassing approach, allows for additional system integration, often using additional therapy points on both sides of the body. 

Massage Therapy Services

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~Introductory Massage Therapy Specials~

60 Minutes* @  $59                    90 Minutes* @ $99

~Continuing Care Massage Therapy Rates*~

           Single Sessions                                                Pre-Paid Discounted Care Packages

 60 Minutes: $69                                                (4) 60 Minute Sessions: $259

90 Minutes: $110                                               (6) 60 Minute Sessions: $370

                                                                             (4) 90 Minute Sessions: $399

* All session lengths are inclusive of 5 minutes for consultation and dressing, and hands on service. Rates do not include gratuity. Pre-paid massages must be used within 6 months of the date of purchase. For complete details and scheduling requests, please call our office at (858) 256-6401


Gift Cards are available for all services provided at our location!

You do not need to be a chiropractic patient to enjoy the benefits of Massage Therapy at our office!

Please Note: In order to provide you with the highest quality, experienced Massage Therapy possible, our Massage Therapy sessions are provided on a cash basis only. Payment must be made on or prior to the date of service and are not billed to medical insurance.   We are happy to accept HSA cards, or provide a Superbill for you to submit to your insurance per your request after payment.